A device gives us a peak at the alternate universe versions of the podcast and we get a grim look at what could have been had Unpitchable never been born. I'm not adherent to that theory, not knowing anything else. And I was looking at the edge of the roof and I stepped on it. Does it sound weird? That's interesting because my kids 10 months old and I think he's in this calibrating period. Maybe two hundred, I don't know. You fall in, you're not coming out. That's exactly right. Description In this season of Unfictional, Stories of Transformation, and the ways in which the world and all of us have fundamentally changed since the pandemic began. Right, right. Let me see. When we first meet any Taylor. In about three weeks you'll receive her external processor. Create text transcriptions (.txt), make edits easily, even save as subtitles files (.srt), and add to video recordings of your podcast episodes. She probably had photographs of herself that she signed. And I said, could it have anything to do with timing? I. Well, one of the things I study is how the brain sends out signals to the whole body and how these signals come back, because the strange part is the brain is situated all the way at one end of the body, all the way at the top end. And that's how it went all freshman year, sophomore year, junior year. This, of course, is Simon. Oh, face blindness. I'm Robert Krulwich. Transcripts with machine learning insights for the The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. And that's how you walk, for example, you want to get the camera. So what just happened? She stepped out of the barrel and she didn't look right. She's quite the lady. Tracy: (00:16) So Joe, we are recording this on April 19th, and we are firmly in the middle of bank earnings season. Yeah, yeah. She was the first to ever try in June when she was pulled out of that barrel. Now you are two pieces now. That's why we created this free podcast reflection sheet for your classroom! Did you feel like you at a certain point started to actually fall out of love with him? Radiolab is supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, enhancing public understanding of science and technology in the modern world. They'll make sure their first drop is like a foot or six inches even then, and a big yellow and red signs all over it. The result: light for your Christian walk and life for your soul. But after nine floors, the wind resistance, which all the while has been pushing back up on you, starts to slow you down. A new topic or a new idea. Instead, he told his, ________________________________________ . (3 words). What was the pilot's reaction to the warning? And would you see him in the neighborhood because you're still neighbors? We're going to call her Cerita and the boy. I wish they did that with surgeons. And the pin falls because it's following a contour in that curved space time environment. One man watched his children suddenly turn into grown-ups, while another upended every part of his life. It turns out it's illegal in Houston, but I found one in Dallas, so we made a road trip up to Dallas. And the day after he came back, he comes up to me and tells me that he cheated on me in San Francisco. Producer Jaime Roque takes a ride with Ernie Moran in his 1965 Chevy Impala to explore the history and culture of the lowrider community of East Los Angeles. Cats have fell over nine stories. How about that? It's the best podcast app and works on Android, iPhone, and the web. He then had to make one more leap. She says that leg got gangrene and he died. You ride up to the top of this tower in this very rickety little elevator type of thing and rising up in the elevator right now, 150 foot tall tower confess, climbing up and up and up. Yeah. Here's an option that's a little more reasonable. Someone else had to learn to live with hardship and found their true identity along the way, all while living in two worlds . Thats the premise behind Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by comedian Chris Gethard (the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, This American Life, and one of Time Outs 10 best comedians of 2015). And but that kind of explanation didn't really satisfy. He's a writer, and his book about his father and the plane crash is Crazy for the Storm. It really started with Niagara Falls because up to that point, people had done all kinds of things in Niagara Falls to back up. So like if we're living on the curve, then we're constantly falling down. Um. So I mean, how in the world do cats I mean, we all know cats land on their feet. I'm not sure what it means. I didn't know that. So if light doesn't come out, nothing's coming out. Why didnt Ollestad speak up and voice his, 4. Don't lie down. And there was one cat that fell 32 stories and the cat had a little bit of sort of thoracic bruising and a chip tooth and that was it. And each time it was new. My mom thought I was a little crazy. AMANDA McDONOUGH: Okay. The crowd, no doubt is thinking that woman is dead. I didn't know. Just sort of. One thing I forgot to mention, April actually wasn't part of David's study, but she had been she would have been wearing around her wrist this little device, new device called the perceptual chronometer. OK, you're hooked up to a carabiner. And sometimes I really like that. Producer James Roque follows the stories of a few of these entrepreneurs, finding out why they started vending, the challenges they encounter on a daily basis, and how they fared during the last few years. It's of electricity racing from brain to foot and foot back to bring. It's actually faded back into the crowd. No. Well, actually, I have a random one for you guys about falling. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices. You've never heard anything like it before. And as I started to look at the literature, I saw that we had a very long history sleeping in trees. It's not equivalent to the way a slow motion camera would work, even though people feel like it's going in slow motion. So basically, you're saying his little brain is trying to figure out the timing. They would put cats in a barrel and then they wouldn't run the barrel through with sort of also throwing them out of windows. Two Mexican-American fans talk about rooting for more than one hometown team in Los Angeles and in Mexico. Question : 1.) No one. Oh, my God. DR. HOUSE: The sound will come in, just like it normally does it hits the eardrum and goes through the little ear bones, it vibrates the fluid but there's no little sensors there to sense the vibration. And as she gets closer to the edge, it's about a half mile journey. AMANDA McDONOUGH: The summer of 2011. But what people would say, how long when you were falling, how long? I get to play with any buttons. You're listening to Radiolab Radio from WNYC. He was in his helmet. That's weirdkind of like, vibration. And while the discovery of family secrets can initially be terrifying or traumatic, often these discoveries have the power to liberate, heal, and even uplift us. I'm Dr. Lee, anesthesiologist DR. LEE: I'm the one main guy put you to sleep and wake you up. Sort of like a Lusi echo. Yeah. . Let's do it. The external processor is where the computer is, that takes sound and processes sound, converts the sound to an electrical message, causes the electrodes, then, to stimulate the hearing nerve itself. And they said, that's a hip, knee jerk. The more people started to distrust and dislike cats, the more they started to do horrible things to them. [They laugh], [MUSIC: Those electronic bells, indicating that some time's passed]. It appears to be this what seems to be a reflex. And speaking of history and fears and Thrills, and I would add to that list tragedy. That describes the transmogrifier a fantastical device from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Norman Ollestad lives in Venice, California with wife and two kids, and still travels the world skiing and surfing, now with his family. No one's ever died on this thing, right? OK. OK, he is out of the plane now, he's hurling through space free falling. And so the idea of impermanence and, you know, we think we have a self, but what really is a cell, what it means to know someone, all of that was part of my world. And and the Coke special thanks to Ari Daniel Shapiro and Emily Corwin, April Kinzler and The New Yorker. I mean, walking on two legs, Lucy lived in the trees, but unlike the other primates, she would sometimes go down to the ground. So were you, like, totally shocked? I was putting my diploma in its frame, and the frame's covered in bubble wrap, so I take the bubble wrap off and I accidentally pop one, and it's like, "Oh my gosh, what is that?" And what is what is a lot I mean, how many cats were coming into this place? Arianna Irons - 2021 Podcast Plane Crash Q &A.odt, Falling Podcast - Listening Activity.docx, On the day of the flight, young Norman Ollestad notices especially thick clouds and overhears a radio warning about the weather. DR. JANE GAY: OK. And you're understanding me? If you need more space for an answer, feel free to continue. She's very brave. Add that to your active vocabulary today. Meanwhile, almost every element of producer Jaime Roque's life was upended by the transmorgrifier: new job, marriage, and prospective fatherhood. So Einstein said to himself, hang on a second. These storytelling podcasts fall into a variety of production categories - recording speakers live on stage, stories produced in a . But at night, she crawled up the tree for safety, she climbs up in that tree, drops food there for her baby, and she's going to drop off to sleep. So just so we get our definitions right, what is a hypnagogic? But let's rewind that back for a second. When Aric Allen was 21, he lived in a desolate mountain cabin for 10 weeks. All of that message is still there. Yeah. Right now you running now something that happens in let's say multiple sclerosis and maybe also when you get old, says David, is that the timing starts to change because there's damage to the sheathing around the nerves and that slows down certain signals. And you reach a point where and then call the tidal forces tides on your body. And somewhere along the line, Sereda found out that that eye contact that drew her in it wasn't really about her. But to try to remember a thousand or 2000 of those, how do you pick it up? Oh, poor. How does its placement affect other pieces within the hype cycle? DR. JANE GAY [reassuringly]: A robot. As you can imagine, light doesn't even escape. No, no. That's what I really was falling for about him. So at some point I realized I needed to study this. [She giggles] I've started becoming frustrated from trying to communicate with my own family members, and I've started kind of isolating myself a littlemore than usual. She's in the barrel, getting hurled down the river, tossed and turned my brain tall. This is David here. April 14, 2022 Street vendors are an essential part of Los Angeles' history and its economy. All right. JULIE McDONOUGH: I'm Julie McDonough, and I am Amanda's mother. But it turns out nothing there was scary enough to actually induce this fear for your life that appears to be required for the slow motion effect. First Republic Bank's 84 offices in eight states will reopen as . Lecture's in San Francisco. She was down on her luck and she'd been a she'd done a lot of different things. Just save and print a stack to keep in your classroom. Ftbol Confidential looks at the legendary LA city league soccer team formed over beers in a Santa Monica pub by British expatriates. But I would get a little bit anxious when we'd have to meet each other somewhere. Twenty two of the cats that they saw had fallen from eight storeys or higher. Nice one is falling apart. 27, 2014 Arts In February of 1979, a small plane crashed onto an icy slope high in the San Gabriel mountains, ultimately leaving three people dead. This was nineteen oh one. Three, two. Find out what it's like to experience a stroke firsthand. I don't have a very great immune system, so I ended up pretty sick. May 12, 2022 Producer Jaime Roque takes a ride with Ernie Moran in his 1965 Chevy Impala to explore the history and culture of the lowrider community of East Los Angeles. Here he is at the Herbst Theater. This is before the cable gets cut. Put this image on your website to promote the show -, Report inappropriate content or request to remove this page. [SOUNDS OF A HOSPITAL MEDICAL OFFICE; a door opens]. If you like our podcast, dont forget to click the subscribe/follow button and give us a 5 star rating ^.^ Please visit our FB page @kwentuhansessionsph and ig page @kwentuhansession. To live in a world that is completely silent, all the time, and where you feel utterly and completely alone. I really, really do, but they'll never understand what it's like, to be me. This is April. Did you see, like, with my leg? DR. JANE GAY: OK. Is my voice right here in the room, or is it far, far away? That transition right there from falling body to floating body. You can use software that automatically transcribes podcasts for you, or you can transcribe manually by listening to the audio and typing it out. Yeah, there is there is cosmic justice. Each story takes on something essential about California -- its progressiveness, its reputation as a home for dreamers and schemers, its heartbreaking inequality, its varied and diverse communities, its unique combination of dense cities and wild places -- and each season breaks it down into multiple 20-40 minute episodes that will be released sequentially. Listen 29 min UnFictional Falling Jun. [She laughs] He got sick. So it wasn't a guy then? Yeah. They did find two. Which she feels like she's floating. Review our. DR. HOUSE [to the assembled family]: The surgery itself will take about an hour, to an hour and a half. And, you know, how did you start studying this? And Annie shows up, waving to the crowd, wearing a very fancy Victorian dress and a hat with ostrich feathers. Amanda McDonough is a 22-year-old graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. What lasting lesson have you actually learned just from watching them? [Dr. Right. So the great Ferrini came out with a washing machine. And in fact, you just went. Normally, our memories are like sieves. That's right. Well, that's what I think the eye contact is. Or spend time with an artist who gives away her life savings every night. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. Here's an environment where, in essence, I can turn gravity off. You may feel like you're watching a stage production, or even sitting in a classroom as a series of voices piece together . And it's not obvious how he took the final step, but the final step was to realize that the what is gravity is the curvature of space and time. Ten seconds. Yeah, it's hard somehow. And presumably she's going to take the next step into fame and fortune. Ftbol Confidential looks at Nikys Sports, the biggest family-run chain of soccer stores in LA. She was 63. Twitter: @tfsTweets. Family Secrets. AMANDA McDONOUGH: It sounds like[She giggles again]a robot? [We hear her press "Play" and then we hear the same violin passage from the Nutcracker, simulated to sound the way it would to a patient with a bare-bones cochlear implant: this time it sounds entirely percussive, a little like a rattle and a snare drum playing the melody. And I just thought, man, I still can't eat coleslaw to this day because I would do a hundred pounds of coleslaw a day. OK, so the next following, what we can call these falling, falling, falling votes now. So there were some moments where she wondered if she should yeah, like sometimes she'd walk by Simon on the path, look up and smile and he'd stop me. That's in her own house. For decades, this activity was illegal. That Fanny Taylor. Among all the other intractable issues, one in particular interests me, and that is what's the terminal velocity of a plummeting cat. what happened to vegeta in the future,
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